the wheels are turning again


We finally managed to move on! After leaving on Wednesday at 9 pm, we arrived last night at the Bumi Langit Institute.

According to google maps the 320 km journey should have taken us just 9 hours, but but we are happy that our Moggel made it here at all. I didn’t feel comfortable at all to drive the foggy mountain roads at night. Jo had to take over the drivers seat twice and told me afterwards how he was scared more than once during the journey. But we quickly forgot all about the stressful drive through the night as we got rewarded by waking up in this beautiful, lush, green place.
Before heading off we spend our time packing up again, which took much longer than we thought, two days, as the weather wasn’t too friendly, but we finally made it anyway.
Another must do before we left was a trip to the local market. I always wanted to try cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise with Tempe, the dish got mixed reviews, only Ela and I liked it, the others missed the meat and chili. Never mind, it gave me a good excuse to explore the market, which was well worth it.
Another highlight for the kids again, driving a kids Rikscha and eat candy floss with granny
Jo’s family gave us a traditional Javanese send off with sweet rice pudding and of course a few tears, this was also our last chance to take a few more family photos.
During the last few days days doubt about our journey started to creep back in, but as soon as we arrived in Bumi Langit and had our first look around, we were happy to be here.
This is a place to my hearts delight, it’s so impressively peaceful and quiet and I  really enjoy meeting like minded people, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.

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