The wheels are turning….


Unbelievable but we really did it… We hit the road…

With a 12 day delay which no one was bothered by the meaning of „jam karet“(elastic time) became quite clear. Especially taking my German on time mentality into consideration I really understand now the sense of these words. Up until now I only got to know this with the connected negative feelings that have occurred. So Indonesia has left a mark.

The last days weren’t stressful at all, well we didn’t let us stress, we just took the time that we needed. Yet we are both very happy that finally everything is packed and stored away. I definitely have underestimated all this packing and not knowing if all really fits into the car, then living with the same items and of course the kids that keep unpacking all again because they wanted to play with some things. Well and not being sure what we really will need in Sumatra (here Jo and I did not quite share the same opinion). In the end all this was in many ways driving our nerves on the edge and was very challenging but somewhat in a positive way.

Well it is done – we have spent the first night all together in the car in Balian at Deki’s Warungs parking space. Ida was saying that she had never slept so well. Ela and Jo didn’t complain either. Only for me it was a little too warm. The view in the morning made well up for it and I went to surf.

Yesterday the kids have spent the whole day on the beach and went for a swim at the pool in Pondok Pitaya. Simply relaxing and letting our thoughts flow free and doing nothing, at least we were playing with the kids as they came a little short the last couple of days.

In the evening I went to have a look at a Permaculture garden at the beach. Unfortunately, the owner was not there so we couldn’t exchange information.

Tomorrow we will continue so far it is not clear where we will hold the next stop. May be in Medewi or Pulau Merah which is not really on our way but we talked many times about this area when the topic of buying land came up. Unfortunately, they are digging for gold in this area and the waste is being put in the river/ sea. The locals are fighting against it but we all know how this is going to end… Therefore, we have decided for Way Jambu and not Pulau Merah.

The day before yesterday I had for the first time doubts about this whole journey. The last days Jo was talking a lot about how hard the life of a farmer is, as he grew up on one. Well either his talks are planting seeds or it is quite normal that when the final steps are done one is getting worried – worried to lose the lightness in life, that we are used to have in Bali. At the moment I am asking myself how all came together to leave the luxury…

Oh the dark sides of Bali (endless amount of rubbish, thousands of tourists, overpriced bio vegies, overpriced land, dirty air and so on). Well this is not getting rid of my growing worries to leave the comfort behind. Now I can only hope that this seed is not going to shoot and as soon as we are in the flow of life the beauty of the Indonesian nature is taking over…

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