The magic of simplicity


Last night my friend from Bali with her 2 Kids left. My first visitor! And I had such thoughts she wouldn’t like it here, cause she comes from such a different world. She surprised me! She want to to rent our house when we move out! The magic of this area and the simplicity made a good job! What a joy and amazement! And maybe we will even see us in 2 month again.. Happy me!

The last 10 days have been more holiday for us, we just went shopping in local markets, cooked our meals, entertained the kids a bit and made trips in the area. Ida and Ella are sad for sure today, cause no one there to play with and they couldn’t stop asking when they will come back.

Remarkably that Ida isn’t playing at all with the Indo kids like with her friend from Bali. Also very fascinating to saw her not stop talking to him since the met. They didn’t fight once and they played, laugh, whispered and screech from morning to evening.

At first the curiosity of the village kids was very high, but when they started to realize, that Ida and her friend were not able to interrupt in everything, they stopped coming by end of the week. And today the silence is oppressive.

One day last week our neighbor and house owner came up with this beautiful Blue Marlin. What a fine specium until they sliced him in pieces. We live in a fisherman village and every day early in the morning the people leave and come back by 10 am with fresh fish. Our neighbor buy it and wander around the village to sell. She try to sell it to us as well but usually I am already back from the market that time and cooked already. But sometimes, she is lucky. Not that day.

We had mixed weather last week, fiercest rain which enter Moggel our car and very hot sun with unbelievable sunsets. Nature and weather certainly helped as well that my friend fell in love with our place like me a few years ago.

The first 6 days we spent almost every day time at the beach and the last days the kids had enough and didn’t wanted to leave the house again.

Once we had a wonderful bathing session on low tide in front of our land. Usually only the locals walk the riff for getting crabs for dinner that tide, this time I used the chance to walk on the riff as well and could see for the first time our paradise from the seaside. What a view, 70 m full of wildness..

But te crowning end has been our jungle track. Ok, what we have done with kids I wouldn’t call it a track at all. We just made it 500 m into the jungle, but this was already impressive enough to get the right impression of a rain forest. We had to walk through a stony river, which has been the only way into the jungle, and we haven’t been prepare prepared. I walked bear food and my friend with old flip flops. Otherwise we would have come more far. Next time we will be prepared! And there will be a next time for sure it was just to breathtaking.

Our guide told us that in this area still give shelter to tigers and Orang Utangs, but he never has seen one.
So we got nature in abundance and who wouldn’t be impressed? Me for sure again and my friend as well. Or is it the discovery that you dont need that much to be happy? What ever it is, her heart is won. How many more it will win? Who is brave enough and wanna come to find out them self? We are waiting for you..

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  1. Unbedingt Gramatik mit wie und als verbessern!

    • Sagt meine Mutter auch immer, aber das bin ich und irgendwie fällt mir das schwer auf die alten Tage 😉

  2. Hi..koni how are you??how are you mas joko? look great your story living there

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