The countdown will end but we have to extend


I haven’t been so busy for a very long time; and so happy and exhausted by the end of these last days. We are in our final steps of finishing the interior refurbishment for our car. We took our built in shelves from the house, took them apart and cut of pieces, sanded them and put them together with a new design. I do enjoy working with wood and thanks to technology; I am pretty quick, too. After three accident free days, only today my flesh had to suffer a little. At first my little finger was in the way of the fret saw, then the angle grinder thought my thumb was to fat. But it sounds worse than it was at least until Jo came and put his Chinese medicine on the wounds. Normally I can handle pain quite well, but FOR CHRIST SAKE today I was screaming like hell.

Hope all this pain was worth its while but we will only know whether my plans have been thought through thoroughly ones we are on the road. Otherwise there is not so much to be told as we have been busy with the construction and moving. Mt Agung has calmed down; hopefully it will stay like that, so that we can leave the Island peacefully. Anyhow, the excitement and anticipation are rising.

Last but not least: our fridge will be picked up tomorrow. So the following days will be a little taste of what will expect us living a life without electricity, without frequent electricity. While empting the fridge out I found items that have been waiting for about one year to be used. Thanks to the power of cooling they were still fine (mold-free). How thoughtless this luxury can make oneself. With this same thoughtlessness I have been shopping with not enough or sometimes without any money. Always I was able to get everything I needed and payed later, just alone for that it is worthwhile living here. I thank for the trust or is it the faith in Karma that lets the people act like this?

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