Sick week


What a week.  Rich in variety like the waether. Okay we didn’t had a storm, but rain, sun shine, really hot and pretty cold in the mornings was enough for us. As well our visitor. One time an old school friend from Jo wanted to come by with her family, but she didn’t mention that her family consist 14 members.

That’s why we had to move to the beach, our house is just to small for just an invasion. Jo organized some young coconuts and drove them with other staff down to the beach and we had a nice afternoon over here. The other visitor came with his sweet new dog last week without any announcement. Nice surprise from the other German in this area..

Also thrilling was to watch one of our neighbor producing palm sugar. If you want to read about it, I wrote an article for the blog of my old friend (only in German so far). Have a look here. Arenzucker

One day last week I had to stay in bed. I have been sick, not sick enough to read. So I started a new book and finished it in the evening 230 pages. So nice, not happen to often that I have time for a book. In the night I am usually to tired and during day to many things to do. I don’t wanna say, I love to be more often sick, but it was such a nice day. Cared for and reading. Such a dream.

The day after I have been hireling so Jo went with all of us to a new beach he found with an auspicious wave. He surfed and we had a nice picnic that morning.

Such a beautiful beach. I realize that I find almost everything beautiful over here. Jo mentioned that the waves has potentials so we came a few more times over to figure out the best tide, swell and swell direction. We spent such nice times over there.

Our pump is still working but not like Jo aspect it to work, so he climbed into our well and changed something to figure out the problem. Lets see if it work faster now. I am pretty happy to have this machine, even we use this just once a day, it makes life so much easier.

than I spent some time in our backyard to make some beds for our brought in seeds. It looks like the high humidity is destroying the seeds even we put them all in plastic sipper bag. From the 9 coconut shells I used to rise them only one germinated.

And then I got my power back and the wave god surprised me with a small swell. So I surfed the second time our home breack and shared the waves just with 2 turtles. What a gift. I hope the wave god will treat me well so I can get used to this crazy sick wave.

The Kids definitely love this place and the afternoon bathing sessions. Specially the once in the ocean during low tide as you can see.
At our land we have been too, cleaning and collecting rubbish , we decided which trees have to get felled (4 from over 40) and where we will place the warehouse, marked the boundary stones for the neighbor and explained them what we gonna do here etc etc..
Now we just have to start, the weather is definitely nice for everything we planed.

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