Relaxed into the future-relaxed into the future


It seems like that we are standing still for days, well and in reality we are. We simply are just not able to move on. Also I can’t see all the stuff anymore that we have collected over the years. Furthermore, Jo is also getting a bit grumpy. Somehow, we try not to get stressed and we are managing quite well to avoid all the clutter. The landlord is not very amused about this but what is he going to do about it? Help? Well that would make me very happy indeed, haha… So lucky that we are in Indo, in Germany it would be a lot more complicated. Being honest things do move on, just not as quick as we wish.

The day before yesterday we received a generator as a present. About the use we did not quite share the same opinion. I wanted to dismantle the generator so it can be stored underneath the bed. Jo was strictly against it. After discussing about this for half a day, Jo started to check the generator and he realized that it is not working. Getting the generator repaired would not pay off so all this stress was for nothing. Well may be not completely for nothing as we have gained another experience on the other hand, we lost another day packing up.

And not to forget our lovely visitors; not to misunderstand, we are very happy about our guests, especially now as we have a lack of motivation to pack. Additionally, it is very interesting that on the one hand our Indonesian visitors do not understand why we are going to Sumatra, living in the middle of nowhere. Our Westerner visitors on the other hand can follow our decision. Truly there are colliding worlds together. I am also very keen to find out if and how my perception will change.

By the way without a fridge will be hard, we really have to come up with alternatives. Nevertheless, we have to continue packing. I am eager to find out when we will start our trip. It seems that the volcano is waiting for our departure.

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  1. Selamat jalan good people.
    We met Joko in Tanjung Setia where we have a small losmen. Really like what you guys are doing and hope to meet when we you arrive.
    Murray and Ana
    Rumah Radja losmen.

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