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And an other 2 Weeks gone. I guess I should get used to the new rhythm instead of complaining. So much lost energy which  I can truly use in much better ways. And there are so many. Like the big wedding our neighbors last week, where I helped to prepare the food. They are not really neighbors but they life close enough that the music shook our house for nights. I have been more than happy after the last night party over there, cause it took all together 5 days almost sleepless nights. And I love the silence down here, even more after this crazy party! All the woman from the village met every morning to bake and cook for this spectacle. And me sitting in between and not being a part. Lampungnese they talked mostly, which is so far away from Indonesian that I have to learn a fourth language I guess. But it didn’t really border me, I guess they just talked about the underwear their husbands or maybe me. So not really interesting stuff.

Even for the kids Lampungnese is a impediment to find fast together. They all speak Indonesian, but still they don’t do it or fall easily back into their mother tongue. We will organize some kids to teach us soon, its just a shame see the kids struggling. They still have fun playing on our land with the others but I guess it could be way more often.

Lots to see what we created the past time. Actually Jo just wanted to have a place to sit in the morning to check the waves and drink his coffee. But it turned out we needed more: 2 benches, 1 table, 1 rubbish bin, 1 welcome sign, 1 dream catcher and a Swing. Ever since its quite hard to leave that place, as specially when swell arrived and some good surfer have been in the line up.

And this we got a couple of times during the WSL in Tanajung Setia. They had some start problems on the first day, so the Pro’s came over to get some barrels in the pipeline. I can tell you, better like watching TV! What a joy to see the boys having fun in here.

And then it was the day and Ida showed up with two eggs! What a surprise and what a taste! Ida didn’t wanted to eat them, cause she wants to have chicks. She will get some, they lay more often an egg, not like i thought every day, but hey our own eggs! Again learned something..

Proud bees owner we are too in between! One day Jo helped out and cutting a tree on our neighbors place, but this tree was hollow and filled up with honeycomb. Our neighbor disdained this present, so we packed them in the car and moved them to our land. Nobody was stung and they accepted their new place astonishingly. Resettlement completed successfully. I had thought it could be a problem. And again something learned and an other new field to study: how to harvest honey.

Ida has now become 7 years and this whole day turned around her and her wishes. So our day started with cornflakes for breakfast, Ice cream for brunch, French Fries for Lunch, Babychino (which I can do myself meanwhile), cake for Coffee time and Pizza for dinner followed by Stick bread and Marsh mellows at the campfire. What a Kids Day! And in between always a movie.

And then the kids have discovered how great the riff is on low tide for snorkeling. One day I joined and I am also pretty impressed from the furrow where the riff left and right is rising up. So beautiful! And there are also fishes. Just small ones but still heaps and colorful. An other Job to do! Finding out the names. For the kids it is so fascinating they want to go out now every day. Understandable, discovering an other world is quite attractive..

But backgammon is still the one and only in Ida’s life. Every where and any time! Even against herself but preferably with our visitor, which is caught right after the shower for the next game 😉

(translated by myself)

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