Our Philosophy

What we believe

We believe that what we leave behind, is just as important as what we consume while we’re here. In fact, what we leave behind for generations to follow, is actually a direct result of how we live our lives today.

So we, as humans, have a choice. At Our Surf Farm, we are setting an example, living, loving and enjoying life in harmony with nature.

9 Tips for Living Naturally Free

We have a guiding set of principles, that we hold ourselves accountable to. These princilples

  • Less is More – always true in so many ways!
  • Do it Yourself – who else is better equipped?
  • Learn by Doing – mistakes made by doing are lessons well learned
  • Love and respect Nature – we’re a part of it, after all
  • Commodious living is Easy and Simple – we enjoy a comfy life, and it’s easier to achieve than most
    people realise
  • Eat locally – Organic food is good for yourself and nature
  • Live in harmony with nature – everything, we mean everything comes from nature and we are a part of it, so we need to look after it
  • Embracing Culture – putting knowledge and insights in different cultures together, humans have prospered for a long time, and there’s incredible insight if you listen hard
  • Education. Inspiring and examplify younger generations is the key to sustainability