Nothing happen? At least I thought so


And yet another week has passed. Time is running to quickly, what a fiasco.

At first, I thought not much had happen, but then rethinking the week I did find a couple of happenings which are worthwhile sharing with you.

The first farewells came up..

On Monday our closest friends left Bali and we said good bye with a tear in the eye. For the ones who go is parting usually easier, as so many new things will be there to discover. Hence, there is hardly any space for emotional pain. Well, farewells are part of our lives and to live is learning….

The second farewell was from my much beloved and often used mini Malibu. After it snapped in two halves we have used it a living room table. And not to forget my first short board, which was decorating our ceiling for
many years. We were giving them to a foster home as they would like to do handicrafts out them.

Still, very sad. Adieu Memories.

The other thing is: Coffee

The last time Jo went to Sumatra he brought back luwak coffee beans. The beans were unprocessed, so we sat down and picked the beans out of their shell. What a tiring and boring job, nevertheless, it was a great feeling to see what one can manage during a certain time.

Anyhow, I had to keep thinking about the time when I harvested my very first chia plants. At the time I was astonished how little seeds came out of one plant and how much work it was to harvest them. One plant did not even make up half a teaspoon.

From this point onwards I cherished the seeds that I bought more. Once they fell on the floor I would pick them all up instead of throwing them in the bin. Suddenly, I value what nature has provided me with for free as well as the work that occurs out of the Harvest (most likely machines have done for the ones being bought at a shop).

So there I was sitting over the pecked out coffee beans, the black gold, and taking away the shells so that they can get roasted. My thoughts were going arround in circles, thinking about the spilled coffeepowder, the empty coffee cups that were left behind as well as the valuable coffee grounds that went down the drain. I tried to calculate how many weeks Jo could drink one cup of coffee a day out of the already peeled beans. And I came to the conclusion that it would be a couple of months. In comparision to a couple of hours work that I had put in, I believe that it is worth its while. Well I must admit it is hard to say as a none coffee dinker.

By the end of the day these kind of experiences are yet another crusade against the last twitching moves of my inner manifested throwing away society. I am looking forward to continue sharing these with you… A hurray to the positive achievements of the last centuries and in this case the world wide web

Last but not least:

Hopefully, I have organized my last visa run in my life.

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