No way… Yes Way Jambu!


YES WAY JAMBU and in this case „way“ means river, stream or brook and „jambu“ is a fruit, the guava (a very helpful remedy for the so called bali belly. However, this will not be our topic today..)

In Nov 2014 we were on the road with our kids to discover the area around Krui. At first I felt not comfortable with this region as I was told that the waves were scary, then that this would be malaria region (which is not true), well and then the danger of tsunami and so on. Everyone in my surrounding expressed their worries and shared them with me; nevertheless, we confronted our fears and drove through Java down to Sumatra. In the end we were well rewarded.

Immediately, I was astonished by this natural untouched place. As I finally made it into the water, I realized that the waves weren’t even half as frightened as I had pictured them to be. Joko, on the other hand, wanted to go for the so called “Sumatran pipeline” – well this one was a lot worse than I had imagined. So we started to search for this spot, because no one could tell us exactly where this place should be.

It turned out to be quite a mission to find this surf spot. Even our car got a couple small damages from this trip. Funnily enough though, the route through the bushes leading us up to the spot is the piece of land that we call our own today. Well Joko went surfing, I walked around with the kids and we all fell in love straight away.

As Joko returned from the water, we drove to the village nearby and he started asking around whether land was for sale in the area. Meanwhile waiting in the car, about 20 nosy children of every age surrounded me and started questioning me.

Well the next happenings are quite obvious. Joko and I did not even waste a second thinking about it and today, we own land in Way Jambu, Krui, South Sumatra.

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