Lost in paradise


Yes. For me it is like paradise over here. And that overshadow everything else.

For sure there are shadows. But without them, the light would just half as beautiful.

We got proned. Really!! Robbed!
Indeed the thief has been a cat or more who ate our expensive fish. Annoying,  especially that I learned after the second time to hang up or store our fish properly. Our new door definitely didn’t keep them away.

Also all the hand work gives more joy as trouble so far. To scrape out coconuts to get the flesh for a curry is a really sweaty but satisfying event. I better not think about how many pieces I have to scrape for one liter of coconut oil. Luck me, I found a shop selling coconut oil. Unfortunately it comes in plastic like a lot of other stuff. Really bad, because there is no waste system over here.

A all day life couldn’t settle down either. Lots of spontaneous trips to other heavenly places made it hard to adjust.

It changed a lot behind the Mandiri beach, lots of new buildings. The beach himself is still as paradisiac as the last time I ‘ve been over there. Only the access changed a bit cause a truck driver disregarded the signs and drove overloaded over a bridge and smashed it. Such a shame it is the only street down to Krui..

We got redirected and could drive over the beach. This only works on low tide and not to heavy rain. And that just the beginning of the rainy season.

The day after we explored our own beach and wandered an hour in the opposite direction of the harbour.

The kids used our break for playing. They always find here something to play with, no toys necessary. Anyway I found it quite interesting to see them (spoild by moped) still full of power after such a long walk. I mean the tree was more than inviting them. Still. Unbelievable.

Another day we went to the house of the king of this area. The talk with the Prince where to boring for us girls  so we left the house and tried to get to the beach.

We didn’t make it to far. A river blocked our way, but it wasn’t such a hassle, cause there was a mud hole. What a fun..

Last but not least I became a chicken mom in the passed by week. Just for a afternoon, the little one must get lost. The chick clinged to me after I cuddle it for a while and then every time I left it behind to do my things it started beeping pittyful. My mother heart couldn’t take it and had to take care of this little sad creature.

I’m really curious how it will be when we have to kill our own brought up animals. I would be more than happy to encourage all to become at least vegetarian.

At the end of my review I wanna share my surf experiences. Cause the first highlight of it has been the fact that we could go by ourselves and has been alone in the water. The kids played at the beach. Sooo good! The second highlight: I surfed the Sumatran pipeline! Ok, it hasn’t been big but I thought I won’t surf her at all or at least after a couple of years watching it. That day it didn’t look that scarry and I might be so happy about the possibility that Jo an me could go for a surf together, that I forget about all my fears. Still, crazy wave. Respect. The breath taking turtle  popping up next to me made this work out even more worth.

Now the real life can start.

(Translated by myself)

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