Already one year we live now without running water, without fridge,  without washing machine and with loads of black outs during the rainy season. Our family member number grew and shrimped again and at the moment we count 23. Four of us, 15 chicken, 2 rabbits, one cat and our beloved dog Tippi. Ok, I didn’t add and count the mouses, rats and squirrels we kind of feeding, inadvertent. Nature, we live in and live with her.

A year of observation is over. We had many highs and some deeps, but nothing we could have made anywhere else. Still its kind of special here, special for westerner and we still made it.
I didn’t reach made goals but I got showered with experiences and found unbelievable answers to question I already forgot about. The life in this village and in this house have revealed findings, I’ve never expected. We learned so much in the school of life and I’m more then grateful for it.

And yes, that’s for sure now, we gonna stay! Stay, even I had some serious doubts at the end.  I’ve been in doubt of the on going erosion and the lost of our land, doubts to bring the family in the danger of a tsunami, doubts because of a missing good health system, doubts because of the prognosis of the climate change and some others. And then when my doubts have been greatest my mom came over for holiday and threw me my own words to my head. Ever since all doubts gone, I gonna face the fear and accept my place in the circle of life. Even there are loads of good reasons to run away, I don’t let me scare, so we will stay. Thanks MOM

Even Jo made up his mind now, in the pasted year he was the one who wanted to return to Bali, because life is so much easier over there. Yes, comfort is the bad thing all .. But other people figured this out earlier.
Jo is right now in Bali and he sees again the consequences of the unbridled tourism but with a distance that makes him reflect differently. Conclusion: distance and extreme situations are good! And that we live in a extreme situation would at least half of the world confirm, also our guest who have been brave enough to come over and stayed with us.

What our visitor convinced next to the simple way of living is definitely this stunning nature. Hold on, nature? According to Wiki, nature is untouched by human. And a neighbor told me until 50 years ago the rain forest was still up to the beach here. So all the coconut palms which are doing this wonderful outlines in front of this breathtaking sunsets are planted!!! Even so what breathtaking mean can be experienced here with body and soul.

So we extended our rented house for an other year. I wanted to hold it longer because it always get me so lovely back on the ground and remind me what we really need. Now we will be forced to build our own house,  I hope we can keep it as simple as possible. Won’t be easy cause there are so many things we are used to and makes life so simple. Unfortunate this comfort makes most of us spendthrift. Well I’m curious how far we can keep it as simple as possible to put an end to the immoderateness (very interesting immorderatenes is an synonym for wastefulness, at least in German).

So, who really likes to get back to roots, or want to experience the extreme (normal for down here), should save some space and get down here in our rented house the upcoming year! I promise you will leave enriched and this without a full case!

Until than you will find me creating our garden (I always need help), observing the last bit of nature, to find the best way to plant in harmony with and do some more upcycling.

So you will find me less here..

3 Comments on “Resume

  1. Looks awesome, I’ll try come visit you guys next August. Send my love to the family! Jamie

  2. Hello dear family, how wonderful this looks! We would love to pass by, say hello to all of you and help where we can. How can we reach you? All the best, Paula

    • Hey there, contact me per Instagram (oursurffarm), I m daily there checking and posting.. Soon our House finish, we got some space for people stay with us.. cheers

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