B-day Week in Paradise


From the past week all the exciting happen at the same day. A Weeding, Ella’s B-day and a lunar eclipse must be to much for Ella, cause 2 days later on Jo’s B-day she had fever and was sleeping till afternoon. However she was back to normal when Daddy wanted to go for Ice cream.

Sunday Jo fell, cut and brought the last coconut tree he bought a few years ago. The work to get it out the car for storage was at least as heavy then the load. No they are drying next to our house until we will build our own home

An other day Jo took us for a ride to a place he found recently and made him goosebumps. Some kids showed up so I couldn’t enjoy properly the view, cause I got to much attention. They watched us doing a pick-nick until Jo wanted to take a picture. The ice was melted ad they started to talk until we left.

We also had for the first time  2 days of rain, grey sky and heavy wind. That’s how I imagine the rainy season, but after this 2 days sun came out and ever since no more grey sky at all.

B-Days are the only celebrations we do. They are special because the birthday kid can the whole day decide what we do. That’s why on day we went swimming directly after cake for breakfast.

In the afternoon Ella wanted to drink a babychino, so we put our belongings in our car and headed close to Krui.  This special place had a beach as well which was well used that day. After that we had a short stop over at place owned by the only other German in this area to play some kids games with his son

In between we had to join a wedding at this day. This wasn’t stress free until a friend of Ella showed up and Ida got an Ice cream. We had to wait until food was given out and it was pretty hot even we sat in shadow. What an obligation. We haven’t even seen the couple properly nut could go home filled up with lovely food.

In the next pic you will see in the middle Okta. She is the bravest from the village, overcoming her fear of Tippi daily to play with Ella and Ida. She is loved by both and I hear them laughing most of the time they spent together.  She was also allowed to join our B-day trip to Krui (might be the first time for her leaving the village).

During a search for a perfect tree to build a tree house I figured out that Jo started to build a living fence during my absence. I’m not a friend of fences cause they exclude and are bounding. Okay, I see the need here, keeping the free range cows out of our place to stop them eating our plants. But my idea was to protect only the cultivated places but Jo having said this wouldn’t be enough to protect our land boarders. Omg, I hope we find a decent solution who everyone can live with. A good neighbor hood is so important over here..

(translated by myself)

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