High Season beginns


Finally I have a working cell phone again. Life is so easy when Technic is available around the corner and running well. But who want a easy life? Definitely not me, that’s why I live where I live. I figured out for myself that easy going bores me and brings me away from the value of the things. Anyway I am glad to be able to take easy pictures again and do the blogging from home. That makes life less complicated and I hope I get back in the flow fast writing weekly. Hope the pics I made are not to badly quality, Sorry for that.

Loads of things happen in the last days, so much I hardly can even remember. Luckily I write every day a summery of our happenings in a what’s app chat, kind of a dairy for. My Pics are usually doing a great job, but they can’t catch thoughts.

We will postpone our building plans because Jo isn’t sure about continue living here. He prefer easy. That’s why we will focus on planting first and watch how we can adapt here. So I started to upgrade our garden around the house.  I found so many unused roof tiles, so I asked the house owner if I could use them and look, I made some nice looking beds out of it hoping to grow some daily used veggies. Ok, chia (like at the pic above) is nothing we daily use for cooking, but still I wanna keep an eye on it, why I planted close to the house. The cows are really into everything green and I had to shoo them already a couple of times out of our garden.

But we also worked on our land and started to arrange some high beds. The whole bunch of old wood I collected from our rubbish mountain. Hopefully it will do their job, in particular preserve the water for the dryer season, like I read in the Permaculture books.

Many hours I thought about how to design the garden. So many variations are possible and so many changes already again One of our chicken got sick and died so I guess disinfection by sun will help to reduce sickness in the chick and duck cage. Still learning by doing.

Ever after I bought a wheelbarrow the kids like to join us to the garden. Looks like a ride in there is worth to join. For the village kids it seems also a perfect toy.

That’s the way I always imagine who a Farmer looks like. With getting some straw from the rice fields I realized my perception. This day was definitely hot as it looks like, but a light breeze minimized the heat. I filled up pretty fast half of the car. It’s still inside till today cause we don’t have a nice spot to store it properly. Nice playground for the kids even its itchy so they have to shower afterwards. Also for longer travels with our beloved Moggel are now more comfy and getting a different value.

By the way itchiness, we really got loads stinging nettle down here. I am surprised. They are not only nice in a Salad and tea, but rather good as liquid manure to get rid of pests. Glad I brought a pair of gloves for garden work.

I also went surfing last week. The riff properly ripped up my feet. That knocked me out for a couple of days. I could hardly walk and the surf wasn’t even worth it. I just followed: “If you don’t go you will never know!” At least I know now I should use booties at low tide.

Anyway our kids love the chicken and run after them to hug and play with them daily. I have to remind them, that they are animals and don’t belong in the house. But it’s sooo cute to see them cuddling and having fun with them.

And than, we were lucky run into some nice people from Bali just filming our beautiful peaceful place with a drone during walking to the beach in the morning. Main season slowly starts, with increased regularity we bump into Westerners visiting the wave of Way Jambu. I really hope this wonderful quiet place will be like that for the next 30 years and the airport don’t get his planed extension. Cause Kuta Beach looked the same for sure a half century ago.

(translated by myself)

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