Inspired by accident


Yesterday, we went to the Swasti eco cottage in Ubud. I was not aware of what had awaited me. I assumed that we are going to a restaurant meeting other families to exchange ideas and network. However, as I realized WHERE we meet, I was pleasantly surprised.

At first I walked through the garden and on every corner my inner voice was calling: “yes, that is exactly what I want.” or “Wow, how wonderful, we could do it the same way.” At this garden I discovered a few permaculture principles, which made my heart smile. Once I had the chance to walk around a second time, I was a little calmer and could put my attention to some more detail… but here a couple of pictures…

Seeing these ideas being realized makes me feel motivated and energetic. The close up is showing plants that are cleaning the waste water, which is being collected in the middle of the compound. Furthermore, one could admire hill plant bed, a bee hotel, the compost and the nature like mixed plant beds. Additionally, there were sheep, rabbits, chicken, fish and a saltwater pool which the kids enjoyed. A true paradise for families…

I am looking forward to the day when we will be able to upload our own pictures. But for now we are right in the middle of our moving preparations. And finally, we managed to bring the first lot to my friend. We will leave most of our belongings at her place, at least until we have built our house in Way Jambu.

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  1. wishing you all the best for this life design. you folks have good intentions and love will surround. wish i could just turn up with my tools and build you a pad. maybe i will visit someday soon. viel gluck and boomshanka.

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