Flashed by the civilisation


The past by week is coined of intense antagonisms. After a week surrounded by the silent of nature through a packed, loud and cultural packed town to a breathtaking modern Indonesian art performance have leave marks.

One of the biggest Buddhist temples of the world we could see at night at the beginning of a festival. Brobodur.

Theater, Ballet and poetry changed my point of view about modern Indonesian art in only 2hours. I have been highly impressed, which hopefully didn’t got to much affected by the amazing back round.

Unfortunality the weather wasn’t accordingly and after 5min it started dripping. We were well prepared, the operate as well cause they handed out rain cotes for almost everyone.

We didn’t made it to the top, some communication problems caused. But we will come back one day, cause Bumi Langit got a deep impact on us.

The planned 2 night got extended to 6 and I for myself wanted to stay even longer..

But what was it we got so fascinated by? The silence of the mountains and all the happy plants, which are allowed to grow without pesticides, are surely responsible for our feel at ease. The highest portion, I believe, underlay by the open minded people who welcomed us so heartily and shared all their knowledge with us. We could join and help by their all day life. With new recipe for cooking, different gardening information, how to make coconut oil and insights in manufacture bio gas we expanded our horizon.

Building a swale also was part of the new horizon

But at the end the felt connection came from the almost same idea of life. To feel understood is binding. And this feeling we had all of us.

Packed with seeds and plants we got waved goodbye. The kids wanted to stay longer at this beautiful place as well; luckily their sadness flew away pretty fast watching a dance and visiting a huge fair in Yogyakarta.

The traditional dances are loved by our kids and they can stay for hours calm like watching TV.

And such a huge fair no one of us has seen so far and the hearts were beading higher

The last exciting adventure from the past week is the travel to the chicken church. At 2am I was running with Tippi through the pampa and looked for Jo and the kids. I wanted to check the street cause it didn’t looked like a one going to a tourist attraction. I just thought about waking up some people to ride a bike around to find them when we met again. I didn’t bring my phone (not sure if this would have changed something). Such a strange feeling lost somewhere. Not really frightening, more like: “Why it has to be in the middle of the night?”

Next morning we explored the chicken church which supposed to be a pigeon.

You can see Brobodur from the cooks comb. In the rainy season its like gambling, when I climbed it at 6am, i could see the Mountains and the Volcano, but the Temple where surrounded by fog. It was other way around when all of us went up there a bit later again.

Gunung Berbabu, 3145m

BROBODUR, do you see it?

Good to see is exaggerated. Visible..

Our journey is drawing to an end cause we will be in Way Jambu for taking over the house by the first of December. But this will be just an other capture of our adventure. We will keep you up to date..

(translated by myself)

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