This time I write my review from Germany, the warm, fresh and green Germany. Not so bad here, although I had no desire to come here. We are expecting our first chicks and there is so much to do. ok, cancelled is not postponed (German saying). The farewell parties were definitely bombastic. Not too difficult with the beauty of the beach, the perfect waves, the warm air and the slightly breeze and our bench over there. Bomb fire, stick bread, grilled fish, noodle salad, considerable sunset and others has been the highlights. Actually this parties has been the beginning of a creeping regularity, so sad it has to wait until we are back. It wasn’t only us the farewell reason, Johannes left a few day earlier then us. So sad.

But we didn’t only say good bye to our beach, we also went more often then usual to our ice cream place. It usually didn’t stay with 1 ice cream, the taste is just too good. And that ONE gets abdominal pain from to much ice cream, um, well I’ve tried on my self. What a nonsense. At least I didn’t get problems so the kids have to find out them self. And better now than like me with 25. Lying is not so mine anyway. Its difficult to recognize the little every day lies, but we practice our self, we try as much as possible to be mindful.

And then my first homemade Pizza in Way Jambu! It only happen because Johannes told me about a Pizza from a pan a friend made for him. It came to me the thought of my first try of a vegan gluten free Pizza in Bali. My Basil was proliferate so we went to the market without further ado to get the missing ingredient to create the first Way Jambu Pizza with Tofu as cheese substitute. 6 hours drive to get mozzarella since we have waived. The Pizza¬† not only looks good, but surprisingly also tastes awesome which was mainly due to the spice mixture of the tofu. It didn’t stay one time, I was allowed to make one again just a week later.

Also Ida tries in daily in cooking but it seems to me making fire is more interesting then the taste of the food. Every day she comes to get lighter. The world is so different over here, no adult who oversees that. What a freedom.

This coconut shells are simply unique, so versatile and the people here just burn them. I think earlier they got used frequently for cooking food. But today everyone has a gas cooker, they just lost their valency. That’s what happen to many things. As longer I live this easy life as more I figure out and now from distance and the luxury of a German life I even can I even see again more. My two different worlds, so opposite and so instructive, percipient!

As you can easily recognize in the pic ahead, I’ve started a fence. Wondering how long it will keep the cows out, cause in the garden around our rented house I frequently chase them out. So no big planting plans so far for our land, cause I am to far away to hear the cows passing the boarders. But in any case everything is growing slowly or as fast as possible with our own man (woman) power. Our tree house was for example was done until a bunch of our neighbor kids came by to play. It must have been to many, cause the tree has given 1 m way so we had to support the tree and put stakes under our platform. More safe and less shaky, something we can look forward until we back home (we took of the ladder).

There is more to look forward to. Our half adult chicks, badly hatched chicks, freshly sown and then this small calf, which is so trustful so we can touch it. There are not to many of them. All anticipation. Unfortunality Kiki died already, our attempt to keep her warm didn’t worked out. She got a cold , the Virus was to strong.

For me was and is still the most beautiful THE WAVE. Looks like Not only for me as long we got some swell. If our pipeline running well people come over just for a look or for try to ride her. Some are able and its wonderful to see her giving joy. Lets see how much joy she will give in the main season, which didn’t even started jet.

Past weeks the rainy season in their last moves had once again really shown itself. It rained regularly in the afternoon. So constant on such a duration I have not experienced the entire rainy season. Not that the rain bothers us only very amazing to have so much rain so late in the year. Anyway we and the plants had loads of fun with it.

And then on our last day we had a little tour through our hinterland and found this wonderful spot: Sea and rice field view in one go and even better both around 80 m above the sea level. Not that I am afraid of a tsunami, just a perfect little spot.

I am already looking forward to my home because I feel connected somehow with this area. So crazy!¬† But as long we are in Germany there will nothing happening back home, cause I am the driving part. I will use the time anyway for example to renew my website. Hopefully it will work out with our full schedule, but what has to be done has to be done. THat’s why
SeE yOu SooN

Koni and family

(translated by myself)

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