Family time


A week has past and we are still in Malang. Well and we are not going to leave anytime soon. On the way to the elected person who will lay the electric on the Moggel, he started to rattle massively. Oh dear, the good old cars. I am curious what he has got this time.

Jo´s forgetfulness turned out to be a damage, which was easy fixed. At first Jo started to tweak on Moggel and he sounded excellent. Then Jo looked for a trusting garage to double check and they found out rather quickly that the radiator was broken and they exchanged it.

Elsewise, the rest of the week past by rather slow, which usually is a sign for unspectacular days. Nevertheless, there were a couple of highlights besides the dragging family visits where news of other family members got exchanged. About their amazing jobs, how much money they would earn a month and which status symbols they have achieved are all things that do not really interest us but where uncommented excepted. Where to start when the views of the world are so different and we are already hitting on a lack of understanding. Well it is as it is.

So let’s go the highlights, these were a visit to a bookshop (I was already asked 5 times whether we can go there again), an Indo amusement park and the visit of a riding stable at the mountains. The latter was particular refreshing, which was not solely due to the cool air caused by the location of the stables up on a high level plain.

The excursion to the stables deserves an extra note, as alone the trip getting there was remarkable. After two flat tires, which I bypassed with a picnic, and the loss of the telephone signal, which we needed to navigate, we have reached the stables after 3 ½ hours (returning took us only 1 ¼ hour).

Once we arrived the time that we spend there was filled with harmony, husband and the kids were so much in the flow that the 5hours have passed so quickly and we were all so sad to have leaved everyone behind. Who knows when we will meet again…


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