Coconut oil

18.11.2017 Production

Today in Bumi Langit I have been the lucky one to join the production of coconut oil. First the cleaned coconut got grated. Blessedly not by hand like I do it usually at home, instead they used here this machine:

Then the grated coconut got got watered and got a massage. The water sucked in for maybe 20min.

After this the coconut water mix got passed to a strainer. At home I usually use my hands, but I make max one tot two pieces and here we strained 100 nuts. Btw that`s the way how to fabricate coconut milk. Coconut milk taste is good in cafe or Juices but can also used to make Yogurt or in other tasty treats.

On the ride side is dripping the “milk” and on the other side falls the pressed coconut flesh into a bucked. The coconut flesh becomes food for the animal here in the Institute. And yet this great left over dietary fiber smack them well in Muesli or in my coconut bread.

In the back of the following pic, the darker flakes are all ready a bit longer drying by air, they are almost ready to feed.

The coconut milk will be cooked for 3 to 4 hours. In the Institute the use fire to avoid the overuse of payed gas. Consistently steering is necessary otherwise the milk will burn. Bit by bit evaporates the water and the leftovers are the oil and a compo named Blondo.

The following pics show the different stages of the evaporation of the water.


When it turned into chocolate brown like at the last pic, we filtered the Oil. We used a cloth over a big sifter and bit by bit got added.

If the most oil got through, the leftover got pressed in a machine.

Here we used a Tofu Press, for the homemade Oil should be hands enough. But careful, let it cool down first.


At the following pic you can see the Blondo. It is edible and fight for by the stuff here. Furthermore I got told does it well fit for making bread or cookies. Something more to find out for me.

As lower the residual moisture is in the self produced oil as longer the storability is. Our oil can be used until one month without fridge. Good to know how much oil per month got used to make enough.

Sadly the vitamin E got destroyed by the high heat in this procedure. All other advantages of the oil obtained. Enjoy the replication.

(translated by me)

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