The countdown will end but we have to extend


I haven’t been so busy for a very long time; and so happy and exhausted by the end of these last days. We are in our final steps of finishing the interior refurbishment for our car. We took our built in shelves from the house, took them apart and cut of pieces, sanded them and put them together with a new design. I do enjoy working with wood and thanks to technology; I am pretty quick, too. After three accident free days, only today my flesh had to suffer a little. At first my little finger was in the way of the fret saw, then the angle grinder thought my thumb was to fat. But it sounds worse than it was at least until Jo came and put his Chinese medicine on the wounds. Normally I can handle pain quite well, but FOR CHRIST SAKE today I was screaming like hell.

Hope all this pain was worth its while but we will only know whether my plans have been thought through thoroughly ones we are on the road. Otherwise there is not so much to be told as we have been busy with the construction and moving. Mt Agung has calmed down; hopefully it will stay like that, so that we can leave the Island peacefully. Anyhow, the excitement and anticipation are rising.

Last but not least: our fridge will be picked up tomorrow. So the following days will be a little taste of what will expect us living a life without electricity, without frequent electricity. While empting the fridge out I found items that have been waiting for about one year to be used. Thanks to the power of cooling they were still fine (mold-free). How thoughtless this luxury can make oneself. With this same thoughtlessness I have been shopping with not enough or sometimes without any money. Always I was able to get everything I needed and payed later, just alone for that it is worthwhile living here. I thank for the trust or is it the faith in Karma that lets the people act like this?

The countdown has started


Another week has passed and our car is finally ready. It took us more time than anticipated; hence, we are slightly behind.

At the moment the volcano is also putting a little pressure on us. As he is brewing something up and the evacuation areas are being extended every day. Furthermore, the level of an eruption is rising (there are some people saying that the lava has already left the volcano yesterday evening).

We are lucky to be enough far away should Mount Agung decide to erupt but close enough that we would not be able to leave the house without a mask because of the ash cloud.

Hence, it is best to depart quickly, but it is as it is and it stays exciting.

Additionally, one of my friends has come over to Bali for a visit and thanks to our delayed departure we were able to meet. She had stayed at one of the evacuated places and took the following picture…

We went to Kerobokan and Seminyak with her last night. For me it was the first time since years that I went back there and I was blinded by all the lights, glamour and the crowds on the streets. Jo on the other hand rather enjoyed whole the vibe around him. I believe that he will miss this.

Let’s see how long he can handle without the hustle and bustle and how long the dark, starry, silent nights keep up his enthusiasms – he does recall them from his childhood memories.

Anyway, we end it up at the Surfcamp where it all began for me as a guest in 2005.

8 month later I returned started my 5 months internship. I simply could not leave as it became too easy just to stay.

It was indeed strange to be back at one their camp parties after four years. Very emotional but not in a bad way, so much has changed and yet nothing at all. I felt quite nostalgic and whistfully – I have worked there for almost 7 years and I always knew I DO WHAT I LOVE…

Whether, our plans for Way Jambu will manifest the same conscious mind, only time will tell.

But I am with good hope and joyful prospects to get this feeling of doing exactly the right thing. In this spirit, 7 days to go…

Short stories


After spending the last three evenings the Ombak Bali, a surf film festival, I finally found some time to review the past week…

Driving lesson
Jo found a couple of people who were willing to buy our self-made furniture. As they didn’t have a car, I was choosen to drive our Moggel ( Ida picked the name) for the first time and drop of the furniture. At first I felt a little yellow, because I had not driven a car for so long. But in the end Moggel was quite easy on me and I felt happy as a clam. Old cars simply offer something that new cars never are able to…

The Rigging

After this was done, Jo brought the car to the welder. Moggel is getting two roof racks, so we can stash away more stuff. With that we have put a hold on to the refurbishment of the interior as well as the transport of packed boxes. Well it is as it is.

Ombak Bali

At first I did not want to go as I am not a big fan of crowds but then Jo convinced me somehow. The first evening was amazing and in the end we went the following evenings as well. There were quite some pieces of art to see. Additionally, I was astonished to see the packaging of the popcorn. Wonders do happen, see for yourselves:

The Route

Last but not least I have uploaded a foto of our tour to Krui. Planed stops are Malang, Yogjakarta, Bandung and Jakarta. More will follow another time.

Next steps


This time I am sitting in Singapore. I thought for my last Visa run I make it myself a little more comfortable and less stressful. Well, what can I say? The Indonesian president decided to come for a visit to Singapore on short notice. So the embassy was closed.

That this was the day that myself and most likely a few more people wanted to sort out their visa, was probably one thing that Jokowi did not think about. Nor would he have thought about the extra costs from changing flights, extra nights and the food that one had to take care of. Well I have seen quite a lot from the Indonesian officials but this one was just the peak and all I can do is shake my head and see the POSITIV – time for myself and warm running water…

Time for myself: long before I became housewife and mother I loved going for long walks on the beach or just lazed around in bed. Since the kids are there, this time has minimized immensely and I like looking back to the times when I was traveling alone. So I truly welcome every opportunity that I can get to be alone. Thank you Jokowi, I will treasure deeply every minute.

Running warm water: what a luxury this is to me and normal to so many others of us. Now for 7 years, daily I boil a pot of water so that I can have a warm shower. Normality lets people lose their appreciation and the relation to the essence disappears. With that we are tight, decoupled and lose touch. It starts in our daily lives and ends in our relationships. I believe that this is one basic problem of our society. And this is exactly want we want to uncover at our surf farm. We would like to help the people, which want to visit us, to find again the relations to things and acknowledge the value of everything.

Well is a warm shower necessary at the tropics? For me – yes, because in that respect I have mutated to such a mollycoddle. During the dry season I get so cold that I wear long trousers and I need a thick duvet. Sometimes it is even to me not understandable. Anyway I am very glad to have packed long trousers because this climatized city is really freezing. Thank you, Jokowi for every drip of warm water that touches my body.

And now there is another pleasant happening:

For ages people kept asking me were we would live ones we arrive at Way Jambu. I really did not want to let anything being built without me being there (passed experiences). So I was not sure myself where we would stay. It didn’t quite worry me at all as much as it did others. By the end of the day there is always more than one path which one can take. Most of the times I was asked this question I just shrugged my shoulders. Well and I received mainly a lack of understanding.

Nevertheless, my unconcern and my trust started caring fruits. At first Jo had bought an old car with a chest at the back, which I wanted to establish with a bed and a cupboard and now we are even renting a house again. 7 houses down the road from our plot Jo has found a new house to rent. Considering that the raining season is going to start soon it is quite a good idea to have a roof over our heads. Also it can be quite helpful to settle in at the village.

Nothing happen? At least I thought so


And yet another week has passed. Time is running to quickly, what a fiasco.

At first, I thought not much had happen, but then rethinking the week I did find a couple of happenings which are worthwhile sharing with you.

The first farewells came up..

On Monday our closest friends left Bali and we said good bye with a tear in the eye. For the ones who go is parting usually easier, as so many new things will be there to discover. Hence, there is hardly any space for emotional pain. Well, farewells are part of our lives and to live is learning….

The second farewell was from my much beloved and often used mini Malibu. After it snapped in two halves we have used it a living room table. And not to forget my first short board, which was decorating our ceiling for
many years. We were giving them to a foster home as they would like to do handicrafts out them.

Still, very sad. Adieu Memories.

The other thing is: Coffee

The last time Jo went to Sumatra he brought back luwak coffee beans. The beans were unprocessed, so we sat down and picked the beans out of their shell. What a tiring and boring job, nevertheless, it was a great feeling to see what one can manage during a certain time.

Anyhow, I had to keep thinking about the time when I harvested my very first chia plants. At the time I was astonished how little seeds came out of one plant and how much work it was to harvest them. One plant did not even make up half a teaspoon.

From this point onwards I cherished the seeds that I bought more. Once they fell on the floor I would pick them all up instead of throwing them in the bin. Suddenly, I value what nature has provided me with for free as well as the work that occurs out of the Harvest (most likely machines have done for the ones being bought at a shop).

So there I was sitting over the pecked out coffee beans, the black gold, and taking away the shells so that they can get roasted. My thoughts were going arround in circles, thinking about the spilled coffeepowder, the empty coffee cups that were left behind as well as the valuable coffee grounds that went down the drain. I tried to calculate how many weeks Jo could drink one cup of coffee a day out of the already peeled beans. And I came to the conclusion that it would be a couple of months. In comparision to a couple of hours work that I had put in, I believe that it is worth its while. Well I must admit it is hard to say as a none coffee dinker.

By the end of the day these kind of experiences are yet another crusade against the last twitching moves of my inner manifested throwing away society. I am looking forward to continue sharing these with you… A hurray to the positive achievements of the last centuries and in this case the world wide web

Last but not least:

Hopefully, I have organized my last visa run in my life.

2 cups grated juiced Coconut ( ca 1 coconut)                    6 tbsp coconut oil
1 cup coconut milk                                                                4 tsp baking powder
1 cup sorghum flour                                                             2 tsp salt
4 eggs                                                                                      4 tsp coconut sugar Read More

Inspired by accident


Yesterday, we went to the Swasti eco cottage in Ubud. I was not aware of what had awaited me. I assumed that we are going to a restaurant meeting other families to exchange ideas and network. However, as I realized WHERE we meet, I was pleasantly surprised. Read More

Getting ready for the road trip of a lifetime!


Finally, we have set the date and it has been fixed, it can’t be changed. On September the 30th, we will return our house.

We have spent the last 7 years here and now we are packing all our belongings. Read More

No way… Yes Way Jambu!


YES WAY JAMBU and in this case „way“ means river, stream or brook and „jambu“ is a fruit, the guava (a very helpful remedy for the so called bali belly. However, this will not be our topic today..)

In Nov 2014 we were on the road with our kids to discover the area around Krui. At first I felt not comfortable with this region as I was told that the waves were scary, then that this would be malaria region (which is not true), well and then the danger of tsunami and so on. Everyone in my surrounding expressed their worries and shared them with me; nevertheless, we confronted our fears Read More