The past by week is coined of intense antagonisms. After a week surrounded by the silent of nature through a packed, loud and cultural packed town to a breathtaking modern Indonesian art performance have leave marks.

One of the biggest Buddhist temples of the world we could see at night at the beginning of a festival. Brobodur.

Theater, Ballet and poetry changed my point of view about modern Indonesian art in only 2hours. I have been highly impressed, which hopefully didn’t got to much affected by the amazing back round.

Unfortunality the weather wasn’t accordingly and after 5min it started dripping. We were well prepared, the operate as well cause they handed out rain cotes for almost everyone.

We didn’t made it to the top, some communication problems caused. But we will come back one day, cause Bumi Langit got a deep impact on us.

The planned 2 night got extended to 6 and I for myself wanted to stay even longer..

But what was it we got so fascinated by? The silence of the mountains and all the happy plants, which are allowed to grow without pesticides, are surely responsible for our feel at ease. The highest portion, I believe, underlay by the open minded people who welcomed us so heartily and shared all their knowledge with us. We could join and help by their all day life. With new recipe for cooking, different gardening information, how to make coconut oil and insights in manufacture bio gas we expanded our horizon.

Building a swale also was part of the new horizon

But at the end the felt connection came from the almost same idea of life. To feel understood is binding. And this feeling we had all of us.

Packed with seeds and plants we got waved goodbye. The kids wanted to stay longer at this beautiful place as well; luckily their sadness flew away pretty fast watching a dance and visiting a huge fair in Yogyakarta.

The traditional dances are loved by our kids and they can stay for hours calm like watching TV.

And such a huge fair no one of us has seen so far and the hearts were beading higher

The last exciting adventure from the past week is the travel to the chicken church. At 2am I was running with Tippi through the pampa and looked for Jo and the kids. I wanted to check the street cause it didn’t looked like a one going to a tourist attraction. I just thought about waking up some people to ride a bike around to find them when we met again. I didn’t bring my phone (not sure if this would have changed something). Such a strange feeling lost somewhere. Not really frightening, more like: “Why it has to be in the middle of the night?”

Next morning we explored the chicken church which supposed to be a pigeon.

You can see Brobodur from the cooks comb. In the rainy season its like gambling, when I climbed it at 6am, i could see the Mountains and the Volcano, but the Temple where surrounded by fog. It was other way around when all of us went up there a bit later again.

Gunung Berbabu, 3145m

BROBODUR, do you see it?

Good to see is exaggerated. Visible..

Our journey is drawing to an end cause we will be in Way Jambu for taking over the house by the first of December. But this will be just an other capture of our adventure. We will keep you up to date..

(translated by myself)

18.11.2017 Production

Today in Bumi Langit I have been the lucky one to join the production of coconut oil. First the cleaned coconut got grated. Blessedly not by hand like I do it usually at home, instead they used here this machine:

Then the grated coconut got got watered and got a massage. The water sucked in for maybe 20min.

After this the coconut water mix got passed to a strainer. At home I usually use my hands, but I make max one tot two pieces and here we strained 100 nuts. Btw that`s the way how to fabricate coconut milk. Coconut milk taste is good in cafe or Juices but can also used to make Yogurt or in other tasty treats.

On the ride side is dripping the “milk” and on the other side falls the pressed coconut flesh into a bucked. The coconut flesh becomes food for the animal here in the Institute. And yet this great left over dietary fiber smack them well in Muesli or in my coconut bread.

In the back of the following pic, the darker flakes are all ready a bit longer drying by air, they are almost ready to feed.

The coconut milk will be cooked for 3 to 4 hours. In the Institute the use fire to avoid the overuse of payed gas. Consistently steering is necessary otherwise the milk will burn. Bit by bit evaporates the water and the leftovers are the oil and a compo named Blondo.

The following pics show the different stages of the evaporation of the water.


When it turned into chocolate brown like at the last pic, we filtered the Oil. We used a cloth over a big sifter and bit by bit got added.

If the most oil got through, the leftover got pressed in a machine.

Here we used a Tofu Press, for the homemade Oil should be hands enough. But careful, let it cool down first.


At the following pic you can see the Blondo. It is edible and fight for by the stuff here. Furthermore I got told does it well fit for making bread or cookies. Something more to find out for me.

As lower the residual moisture is in the self produced oil as longer the storability is. Our oil can be used until one month without fridge. Good to know how much oil per month got used to make enough.

Sadly the vitamin E got destroyed by the high heat in this procedure. All other advantages of the oil obtained. Enjoy the replication.

(translated by me)


We finally managed to move on! After leaving on Wednesday at 9 pm, we arrived last night at the Bumi Langit Institute.

According to google maps the 320 km journey should have taken us just 9 hours, but but we are happy that our Moggel made it here at all. I didn’t feel comfortable at all to drive the foggy mountain roads at night. Jo had to take over the drivers seat twice and told me afterwards how he was scared more than once during the journey. But we quickly forgot all about the stressful drive through the night as we got rewarded by waking up in this beautiful, lush, green place.
Before heading off we spend our time packing up again, which took much longer than we thought, two days, as the weather wasn’t too friendly, but we finally made it anyway.
Another must do before we left was a trip to the local market. I always wanted to try cooking Spaghetti Bolognaise with Tempe, the dish got mixed reviews, only Ela and I liked it, the others missed the meat and chili. Never mind, it gave me a good excuse to explore the market, which was well worth it.
Another highlight for the kids again, driving a kids Rikscha and eat candy floss with granny
Jo’s family gave us a traditional Javanese send off with sweet rice pudding and of course a few tears, this was also our last chance to take a few more family photos.
During the last few days days doubt about our journey started to creep back in, but as soon as we arrived in Bumi Langit and had our first look around, we were happy to be here.
This is a place to my hearts delight, it’s so impressively peaceful and quiet and I  really enjoy meeting like minded people, it’s just what I’ve been looking for.

Malang Malang Maling


will come one day

Captured in Malang

coming soon


30.10.2017 Production

Around the corner from here used to be a one man tofu production company. Hence, we used this opportunity for education and payed him a visit. With lots of anticipation we followed all steps of the tofu production for 2 hours.

We arrived around 9 o’clock and had missed the soaking of the soybeans (3-12hours). We were not really bothered at all considering the 3hour waiting time. We came to observe how the soybeans are being crushed in a mill (at home you can also use a blender or kitchen aid) and by adding water turning into a mash.

Afterwards the mash was put with extra water into a huge stone pot and was heated up (max75°C). Before the watery mash becomes the so called drinkable soymilk, the pieces and rest from the grinding get caught in a cloth and will end as food for the animals.


Through the clotting of the proteins from the soymilk the Tofu is being generated. There exists many ways to get the flocculating started. Salts and acids are being used by the commercial production.  Our lovely guy though was using his own homemade recipe which his dad had also used. After a while of beating about the bush he did reveal us the recipe (to boil up coconut water, garlic, salt and sugar, that’s all). We observed how the mixture was added and the milk started to floc. It took about 10 minutes. Then the man started to drain the water and what was left was tofu which was shifted. At home a sieve with a cloth will also work for catching the protein clots.

The soy protein is put into a moist cloth which is embedded in a wooden frame (at home one can buy such tofu containers), so that water can drip out. Stacking one upon the other will allow draining more water and after 30 minutes was the first tofu ready. But it is not quite eatable yet. The further preparation is now depending on one’s personal taste.  To store the tofu it is put in a saltwater mixture and can be kept without a fridge for a whole week.


Family time


A week has past and we are still in Malang. Well and we are not going to leave anytime soon. On the way to the elected person who will lay the electric on the Moggel, he started to rattle massively. Oh dear, the good old cars. I am curious what he has got this time.

Jo´s forgetfulness turned out to be a damage, which was easy fixed. At first Jo started to tweak on Moggel and he sounded excellent. Then Jo looked for a trusting garage to double check and they found out rather quickly that the radiator was broken and they exchanged it.

Elsewise, the rest of the week past by rather slow, which usually is a sign for unspectacular days. Nevertheless, there were a couple of highlights besides the dragging family visits where news of other family members got exchanged. About their amazing jobs, how much money they would earn a month and which status symbols they have achieved are all things that do not really interest us but where uncommented excepted. Where to start when the views of the world are so different and we are already hitting on a lack of understanding. Well it is as it is.

So let’s go the highlights, these were a visit to a bookshop (I was already asked 5 times whether we can go there again), an Indo amusement park and the visit of a riding stable at the mountains. The latter was particular refreshing, which was not solely due to the cool air caused by the location of the stables up on a high level plain.

The excursion to the stables deserves an extra note, as alone the trip getting there was remarkable. After two flat tires, which I bypassed with a picnic, and the loss of the telephone signal, which we needed to navigate, we have reached the stables after 3 ½ hours (returning took us only 1 ¼ hour).

Once we arrived the time that we spend there was filled with harmony, husband and the kids were so much in the flow that the 5hours have passed so quickly and we were all so sad to have leaved everyone behind. Who knows when we will meet again…


Freedom is calling


Well, the flow of live was successful. Already 2 days after leaving there were no worries and no thoughts of regret left which I had described in my last blog. Instead we discovered something new that we all could smell. The Sense of freedom and independence that arises when one has got everything that is needed, one can stop where it is interesting and one can do what is wanted. And we did all this…

We simply stopped after a couple of kilometers at Medewi, just after I indulged in western food and we collected a couple of seeds from the perma garden. Unfortunately, Medewi offered not just waves but also rain and we had the chance to test whether our “house” was waterproof. Well we all stayed dry except Ela. It was hard to tell whether it was just condensation that ran down on her side of the mattress or whether the window was just not water-proof. Anyway, we were all pleased that the sun came out the next day (at first it didn’t seem like it) and we could get everything dry.

From Medewi we continued to Pulau Merah, Red Island. On the way we stopped at a friend’s place from Jo and we got the exhaust checked. It did smell quite a bit at the back of the car during each drive. After 2 hours of welding on the exhaust and EUR 5 lighter we could take the short drive down to the sea. For the first time we were able to lie down during the drive.

At first I was shocked as we arrived. Last time I was there, there was nothing and today all was packed with the parasols and sunbeds. Nevertheless, it was still beautiful and during my morning jog I could enjoy the loneliness. During a short trip to the other end of the bay I was appalled to see the impact of the mining. I did think it was further away and I was now even happier that we did not buy the land there although it is very beautiful. Environmental protection and the controlling of such is here a rather small topic and as money is ruling the world and my trust has rather minimized it is not far away thinking that all here is slightly dodgy…

We spend two days at the dream beach and Jo got bored of lazing around so we packed up and left towards Malang to his family. It started to turn into a night trip, as we spend the day at the garage to change the injector nozzles. Jo has got a very good sense for machinery; unfortunately, he forgot to check the cool water due to his tiredness. Although, we made it to Melang we did have to go to a garage again. But it is fine, as we are planning to spend a couple of days here and the grandmas and our hips are also looking forward to this visit…

The wheels are turning….


Unbelievable but we really did it… We hit the road… Read More

Relaxed into the future-relaxed into the future


It seems like that we are standing still for days, well and in reality we are. We simply are just not able to move on. Also I can’t see all the stuff anymore that we have collected over the years. Furthermore, Jo is also getting a bit grumpy. Somehow, we try not to get stressed and we are managing quite well to avoid all the clutter. Read More