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Well, time is running, we are already almost a month back home. Sorry for not updating you such a long time. We had some trouble with adapting to this time zone but since 5 days we are waking up again with the chicken and the sunrise. Finally I have to say and also a rhythm is sneaking in, which is actually not a rhythm at least not, what I have been up to. But like a German saying: “Most of the times it comes in a different way and also not like planned”. At least we are united as a family again, even there wasn’t much time to miss our life back here as we have been packed with activities back in Europe.

And there is a lot to miss down here actually next to Papa. For example this stunning reef in our back yard where we go as often as we can for snorkeling. This underwater world put us off into a magic space which the kids can´t get saturated from. I ordered precautionary a book over most of the fishes of the Indian Ocean. Now we are able to know what kind of fishes living in here and also the names in all the other languages we are surrounded by. As long as I know there is no dictionary available for what the people speak down here, Lampungnese. So we asked for help a local fisher and his knowledge is just amazing!

And then there is our favorite chicken which we have more often thought of. But that had to seriously get used to us again first! What life everything is teaching us down here. Not possible to learn from a book or in a classroom or could get thought by a teacher, just life them self can provide such a lecture. We are so rich of them and even do not recognize them most of the time. That`s why I am more than happy to write the blog or go back to Europe so I have time to reflect. My training of mindfulness is still in progress and a consistently accompanying theme.

And that´s not because I do Yoga from time to time. I recognized there is something going totally wrong between me and the kids. And this happened unfortunately first 2 years ago. Yoga definitely helps with attentiveness but the awareness is just the beginning and to change old structure of thinking you need something else. Anyway I am more than happy that my kids are into Yoga and I hope to integrate this more and more in our world, cause the benefits are obvious.

I´ve spent a lot of time in the garden of our rented house. Jo wasn’t to often at home so the cows eat almost all our planted things after they trampled the fence. So I had to find new building material to be able to fix the broken parts. After I´ve repaired the fence I took care of the beets (I took the chance and improved them a bit), put new plants into the earth. Than one day, we went away I came back home and all my new plantations, eaten! the following day I found the culprit! A sweet calve found a little gap. I shooed did away, fixed the fence again and ever since, knock knock knock, no more cow in the garden! Nevertheless pretty aggravating. All the work I´ve spent, but it´s always worth it and it wasn’t really work, cause: “If you love what you do you will never work again.” This has been already a long time my favorite saying and comes true again. At least the cows spare some flowers, a little reward with a big happiness.

But the Monitor Lizard, who killed already so many of our chicks, can not be stopped by the fence. After I saw him climbing a coconut tree  I`m wondering anyway why he is not coming at night and empties the chicken coops. In any case we were able to observe him on his foray through our garden.

Also other already long time planned projects I`ve started. Somehow the visit to Germany inspired me. Even if we still don`t know what to do, I ve started to fill up milk boxes with trash I collected. I want to build the garage out of it. This has aroused the interest in some of my neighbor, like: “What this crazy white ghost doing now again?” Really crazy stuff!

As I was observed, I observe the erosion during the big swell right now which violently nibble at our land. We are not sure whether we want to carry the lost. Government forecast is one meter per year and we don`t want to fight with nature, building walls. Our planned year of observation isn’t over jet, still some time to think about it. But time is running. My self- assurance regarding a future here, is at least for the first time a bit wobbly. A BIT!

Jo also figured out, that the garden work isn’t what he is searching for and he wasn’t sure at all from beginning which didn’t affected me at all. His mind got a bit more stable during our stay back in Europe. His uncertainty vanished cause he found a Job. With this money we can live and could even start faster with building up our farm without using our reserves. This basic security is an other condition for our future and we will see what we will see. Jo wasn’t so sure about the future like me. Fear a topic of its own.

Despite the baldness I could harvest cassava from our garden, as it grows under the soil. Unfortunately it doesn’t provide us, so the new Job showed up at the right time. We need the money to buy food and gas for cooking. Anyway this self grown, self harvest and self made Cassava ships were so delicious and have been gone instantly.

And now we come to the question what is the essential in life and how we got alienated? I would say most important in life is Food. Without food we can´t survive, most of us at least! And that most of us are not anymore related to the food we consume is out of discussion. Most things we eat are grown by big companies driven many km through the world, most of us eating proceeded Food. What this alienation brings about, I could scarcely understand myself. And I don´t mean understanding, cause I knew it already longer that´s something wrong about it. What I mean is grasp, grip or fathom and I experienced it through the change of the first and third world. To realize the worth of a thing works for me only when I do it myself. If I don´t do it myself I become lazy, comfy and wasteful, even I am aware of that the comfort is destroying the value of things, wins the simplifying of life. The comfort wins and I things that´s the beginning of wastage for all of us and where that leads we all can see clearly, destroying the world.

I´m more than happy to be back in this simple but hard life, back on my way against wastefulness, back on my way against convenience, back on my way against alienation towards a fulfilled, respectful and mindful life, which I could partly experienced down here already.

Well, I furthermore wished to share this experience and also to pass on to our kids. I just wish for a livable future or at least a future at all for the coming generations. But who doesn’t?

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