lost in garden work


And again loads of time pasted. Productive time I have to say, indeed hard to catch in pictures but I try to update you about my doings.

I built for exmaple this fancy flower pot from founded wood residues. I prepared it like I learned some years ago at the  KulKulFarm in Bali. Some stones, so the roots are not molding in standing water, topped with eggs cardboard, cause its full of cellulose and rich of carbon, after that green kitchen waste and finished with normal soil. What a perfect enviremont for breeding.

I also towed a banana stem into my garden.  I eroded it and now I try even here to breed some plants. What a luck everything sprout and I love to watch the wonder of nature. One thing I rethought was taking apart the sprouts. Thats definetly not natural. Not sure if this is what I want for future, lets see if I find other ways.

When watering the garden, big weeds like to come by and cover the small ones of cool fresh wet. For sure all want to grow and because there is no weed I like to pour this of course.

After all it takes a lot of strengh to discoer all the new things and water is the foundation of life. We all know this. The kids from our village paly with everthing what they can catch. Baby Birds, Dragonflys, Geckos, Turtles, Squirrels are torcherd animals and I have to swallow if I hear or see this wonderfull creatures suffer. So hard to find the words to get to the children if anyone around is doing the same. Here one of our neighbores brought a baby flying dog who wanted rather to sleep than to sit in the sun.

Even our chicks have to suffer which I can delimited at least a bit. Every day I have to remind Ella and Ida that they feel the same as us, pain. Somehow it doesn’t stick in the head and I feel like a record. ” If someone doesn’t understand after repeating and repeating you should change your used words.” Mhm, my mind is blown out, so much I tried to change my words. Anyway I have been keen collecting straw and expanding our chicken barn with free material. First new chicks are there and more are coming.

And then there was an other party in the village, where I helped again. Baking, cooking, snip, washing dishes somehow it binds, connect, unite. Also this time i felt much more welcome and got asked so much  more things and? I got a new recipe! Like always without measure details but hey, I have time to find out like I did before. What a different life down here. Exciting and educational.

Wahoo and then one day the big swell arrived like predicted. Unfortunate in a combination which cost a lot of land. Spring tide and big waves, Jo’s working place is directly at the beach and got hit by this. That was definitely not funny. Not just a bit scary to see the waves rumbling into the place. Also our land had loss, the hole beach as well and our fisher harbor is gone, completely. No more river at the beach to swim in and the scenery changed, bushes which covered the view into the interior, gone. The power of nature. the power of the ocean.

And it can be sooo nice at the beach and it is, most of the time, but this swell was just huge! Nevertheless I’m still more than happy with my fingers in the ground and the head in salty air. Even my three girls taste better every day here. What a pleasure.

Everyone out there: feel greeted and invited to help or just to drop by!

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