Absence and Progress


Today I write you from a place called Lovina Camp. It is in a bay before or behind us however you want to see it. Since I’m back we have a severe storm over here. I guess that’s the reason why my internet is so bad. So I had to leave our village to the next bay where they have Fiberglas access to do my writings. Also I had some appointments through Skype even my mom had the chance to see the kids. Good on me, I am such an organizer. Hihi.

Three weeks darkness, tidiness and neatness left their marks. When I came back to Way Jambu I had been shocked in what a shithole we live in. 4 days later it looked different again. I might got used to it or it is just a progress of cleaning up and get connected again or I realized that it is just nature which we have in our home. First I didn’t want to leave and now i got the same feeling for here already back and this after a few days only. Pretty fast when I remember how long it took me to adapt to my previous home again. Almost 2 weeks of my stay before I realized the beauty of cold Germany again.

Maybe I wouldn’t have done it when I didn’t had the opportunity to go to Rügen. Much nicer in winter than in summer time, ok I have been lucky with the weather. Sunshine and f.. freezing. Anyway the sun was warming me up during our beach walk and in the evening time the sauna did their job very well. Like that wintertime is more than acceptable and makes a good impression.

In the beginning i was shocked from the importance things of the others. But maybe if everything is there it becomes just normal and the people need something else to complain about. I had some problems to accept the fact or got used to it with all the luxury and easy life over there.

However even with all my knowledge and the inner wish to live sustainable I have to admit having a warm shower and some other small stuff made me wastefully. Likely I can assess the value only when hart-earned. I will have an eye on it.

And what happen in South Sumatra while I had some great kids free time in Germany? Jo constructed a fence behind our rented house or fixed it and started to grow some plant.

He designed some highbeds and used his mangled wrists even the doctor advised him to rest. It grew already something over there but now even more. We kept from almost all our eaten fruits the seeds, lets see what will grow down here in this rich soil.

He also bought 5 little chics, 20 days old from a battery farm (rescuded) Two already dead. One got catched by a monitor lizard and the other got sick. A half day it sat close to our fireplace to catch up some heat and than it was dead. Chicken has been just birds, animals without any feelings, at least I had never that close contact to realize they are just like us. I have been so wrong. After the first day they already realized that I belong to them and they started to follow me where ever i went. We cuddle them as well, such a nice experience for all of us.

Jo sometimes mention how stupid the 3 chicks are, but I answered him yesterday: How can they know if there is no mother or an older one teaching them?
Well no more happen. The kids are totally arrived in our new home and have quite the Lampungnese sound in their voice. Just a question of time until they even can talk it. I am a bit afraid of it, I wont can hold up with this fast learner.

And that’s our life, doing here and there a little bit, observing our land and being happy with what we (and that’s a lot more than our neighbor have)


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