An absolutly non-Christmas time


Today I write with a cold sitting in long trousers, high- heeled knee socks, fluffy sweater and headache in the house of my mother. It is quite dark for the middle of the day and I miss already the light of my paradise. Usually I try to avoid the term “my” but in this case it is really just my idea of a paradise like I had to discover in the couple of pasted days talking to the people over here.

The last one and a half week (sorry I didn’t take time for writing earlier) was diversified and this not only in weather terms which reminded me on European April weather.  We started our week finally working on our land. Jo fast over due it, he didn’t stopped early enough even i told him to do so. So he had to suffer from pain in the wrists. We cleared the Zone 1 from brushwood around our future house, around 20 times 30 Meter with a machete. I had a lot of fun but for sure I destroyed some living space from some animals and I feel sorry for that. During the work I had to think about the discovering of new Land, I guess those people had the same feelings by crossing the Rain forest to explore the new Land.

Than once in a break I searched for our kids and I came to the beach where Jo and some village kids strip down a fallen coconut palm tree. Erosion and wind did a good job, the tree was around 30 years and full of coconuts. The kids were very happy about them. The best part of the tree, the heart placed between the youngest palm leafs, we shared with us and I have to say I never ate something better. And it wasn’t only for me that tasty as you can see.

After this enormous meal we had to have a break. Breaks are even for us without any pressure important otherwise we could lose our joy of the work. Living like this is just beautiful.

We also had to make it comfortable for the kids otherwise they would ask for our attentions all the time during working on our land. And our plan worked out very well, they hung out there for hours. They both are much more independent anyway like ever in Bali before. I´m still surprised and wonder where this comes from. For sure its also up to me but who knows? I don’t so far.

Then we prepared our house for our first visitor. I invited someone to support Jo during my absence. But after the first week in our new home, I knew it wouldn’t necessary at all. But to late to change plans so we started to pimp up a bit our place and we even set up a guest room.

Ida was allowed to perpetuate herself on the wall which was more than a great pleasure for her. I took care of the Bathroom and gave it a new style with a few means. We rented this place just for a year so there is no reason to spent a lot of money, but at least it is a bit more cozy for our westerner prosperity spoiled eye guest.

During Jo spared his wrist with weaving some palm leafs for a roof I tried to make a hat. It looks much better then it is. I still have to improve my skills. Its the same technique as for basket braiding so it should be good. And we will need a lot of baskets for our farm. So why spending money (I have to spent my time to earn it) if the leaves lying around and belong to whom they collect them? But first I have to survive the cold of Germany.

And then I finally took care of our brought plants. Almost all survived our long trip. I took some good soil from our neighbor who owns some cows after I cobble some of my brought rice and soil bags from Bali. With a few bamboo stick I named the plants and Voila plant bags done.

Furthermore we had to marvel at a newborn calve. Sooo sweet. Tippi was more interested into the placenta which was eaten by the mother. Only me were a bit disgusted. And again something new learned and to see for me as a girl from the city.

At the end of the week we all left our paradise to drop me in Bandar Lampung. What a journey! Very impressing to see the mountains from the front of a car which climbed our Moggel. High respect that he has done it, it surprised me even more now. And he has to do it an other time so uploaded because we have to pick up our left behind stuff from Bali. Well I’m curious if he will not fall apart this time. The mountain in the rain forest are more than steep that´s why everything got more expensive down there around Krui, cause the mountains are a dangerous. And then I had straight away my first cultural shock in the capital of South Sumatra with all the cars, the thousand of people and all the lights.

And now I sit in the highly developed Germany with all their luxury- and prosperity problems and miss my little uncomplicated paradise.
I have to struggle with all this till the middle of January. I will stop writing until I’m back. That’s why I wish you all the Best and a Happy new Year!!


(translated by myself)

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