Struggel with nature

16.02.2018 What a sad week. So many loss, so many deaths. Jo had bought new chicks, 4 of them have been a bit more expensive and 9 normal village chicken, with the hope they wont die that fast… Read More

Sick week

09.02.2018 What a week.  Rich in variety like the waether. Okay we didn’t had a storm, but rain, sun shine, really hot and pretty cold in the mornings was enough for us. As well our visitor. One time… Read More

B-day Week in Paradise

02.02.2018 From the past week all the exciting happen at the same day. A Weeding, Ella’s B-day and a lunar eclipse must be to much for Ella, cause 2 days later on Jo’s B-day she had fever and… Read More

Coal Production

27.01.2018 Today we went to check out a new beach for surfing. We had to round a place full of old coconuts and a man stood at a barrel burning them. So we were concerned and stopped to… Read More