Flashed by the civilisation

25.11.2017 The past by week is coined of intense antagonisms. After a week surrounded by the silent of nature through a packed, loud and cultural packed town to a breathtaking modern Indonesian art performance have leave marks. Theater,… Read More

Coconut oil

18.11.2017 Production Today in Bumi Langit I have been the lucky one to join the production of coconut oil. First the cleaned coconut got grated. Blessedly not by hand like I do it usually at home, instead they… Read More

the wheels are turning again

17.11.2017 We finally managed to move on! After leaving on Wednesday at 9 pm, we arrived last night at the Bumi Langit Institute. According to google maps the 320 km journey should have taken us just 9 hours,… Read More

Malang Malang Maling

10.11.2017. will come one day

Captured in Malang

coming soon