30.10.2017 Production Around the corner from here used to be a one man tofu production company. Hence, we used this opportunity for education and payed him a visit. With lots of anticipation we followed all steps of the… Read More

Family time

27.10.2017 A week has past and we are still in Malang. Well and we are not going to leave anytime soon. On the way to the elected person who will lay the electric on the Moggel, he started… Read More

Freedom is calling

20.10.2017 Well, the flow of live was successful. Already 2 days after leaving there were no worries and no thoughts of regret left which I had described in my last blog. Instead we discovered something new that we… Read More

The wheels are turning….

13.10.2017 Unbelievable but we really did it… We hit the road…

Relaxed into the future-relaxed into the future

05.10.2017 It seems like that we are standing still for days, well and in reality we are. We simply are just not able to move on. Also I can’t see all the stuff anymore that we have collected… Read More