The countdown will end but we have to extend

29.09.2017 I haven’t been so busy for a very long time; and so happy and exhausted by the end of these last days. We are in our final steps of finishing the interior refurbishment for our car. We… Read More

The countdown has started

23.09.2017 Another week has passed and our car is finally ready. It took us more time than anticipated; hence, we are slightly behind. At the moment the volcano is also putting a little pressure on us. As he… Read More

Short stories

17.09.2017 After spending the last three evenings the Ombak Bali, a surf film festival, I finally found some time to review the past week… Driving lesson Jo found a couple of people who were willing to buy our… Read More

Next steps

06.09.2017 This time I am sitting in Singapore. I thought for my last Visa run I make it myself a little more comfortable and less stressful. Well, what can I say? The Indonesian president decided to come for… Read More